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IPTV Live streaming system solution
一、IPTV Live streaming system construction
Live channels is one of the basic service of TV, traditional IPTV live channels is limited by network which is quite different from traditional cable tv channels, it needs go back to EPG list to switch to another channel.
We have made the operations similar to traditional cable tv, users can zap channel, turn up and down volume with simper steps.
  1. Live APK will be pre-installed into Android set top box or TV set.
  2. Open live APK it enters index page by default.
  3. Opening video, boot up picture, welcoming text...etc.
  4. Launcher page can follow the template with different features.
  5. Launcher page can support small window playing.
  6. Launcher blocks can add dedicated content under template(for example, Live channels)
  7. Launcher top part can support sliding pictures.
  8. Launcher bottom part can support short cut or quick access for different modules(For example, Live channels, Settings...etc).
  1. Support customized live category based on different regions/content.
  2. Can add, edit, publish, management, including live channel text information preview, streaming url...etc.
  3. Support live channel online playing on big and small screens, display playing status, volume settings...
  4. System will adjust to corresponding definition and bitrate by detecting users bandwidth automatically.
  5. Support live channels arrangement and management, it can control to every uses live channels by setting up package for the channels.
  6. Support EPG published by one button, automatically detect EPG, if EPG or content is not illegal or matched, it can not publish to ensure EPG correct info.
二、Business management system
Steaming software management
Fully support main play platforms, it can provide advanced play features based on users devices and bandwidth, integrate video data and social capacity, it brings the best interacted experience with HD to end users.
  1. Support main play platform
Support PC/MAC and Flash client, support mobile iPhone/iPad,Android Phone/Pad,HD set top box and all Android smart tv and internet tv sets.
  1.  Video play back/time shift
Support basic video live feature.
  1. Automatically adjust bitrate
Support automatically adjust bitrate based on different devices, bandwidth. When user bandwidth has changed, it switch to corresponding bitrate seamlessly.
  1. Support auto match multiple protocols play
Unique auto match streams transportation protocols, sync multiple streams in real time, it forms a standard video play unit in certain time duration, client  end can select corresponding bitrate based on network bandwidth and play capacity accordingly and fetch video play unit via internet to solve HD video playing in real time under unstable public network problems.
Live management system
  1. Self start APK, power on and off Android set top box or smart TV by setting APKSet top box client can automatically power on and off);
  2. Support customized live channel categories defined by regions and content variety
  3. Support live channels online add, edit, publish, management including text, preview, streams url
  4. Support live channel online playing on big and small screens, display playing status, volume settings
  5. System detect users bandwidth and assign suitable bitrate and resolution video to end users automatically
  6. Support live channel arrangement, it can set channels to packages to control every APK or group with different packages
  7. Support EPG publish by one button, support EPG auto detection, if EPG or content is not legal or not matched, it cant publish to ensure EPG info is always correct
  1. Project deployment
Network plan as below:
  1. 130 channels transportation
  2. Support 50 clients concurrency
  3. Support SD and HD, support H.264
  4. Central data center provide content service to client

Live streaming bitrate definition
Item Source Bitrate Channel quantity
SD http/ts
2.5-8Mbps 130
Central data center network plan and devices specs
  Device description Brand Model Specifications Quantity
Hardware Main serverBusiness server DELL Recommend R730 CPU Intel E5  mem: 16 G  Disk, 1T x 2 RAID1 Recommend to use same streaming serer
Streaming server DELL Recommend R430 CPU Intel E5  mem: 16 G  Disk, 4T x 4 RAID5 1
Software Business management system 1:Content distribution
2:Content editing
3:Content delete
4:Content sort
5:Content search
7:Image, text, video, file management
8:Statistics analysis
Streaming system 1:Support PUSH to receive streams
2:Pulling streams proactively
3:Support H.264 and H.265
4:Support MP4、RMVB、MKV、FLV、M3U8 ...video formats
5: Support AAC、FLA、MP3、MP2..audio formats
6:Support single/multiple recordings
7:Support multiple recordings combination
8:Support http、udp、rtmp、rtsp...protocols
9:Auto adjust bitrate based on different devices and bandwidth
Live system 1:Support HTTP live streaming
2:Support customized categories
3:Support live channels online add, edit, publish, management features
4:Support online playing on big and small screens, display playing status and volume settings
5: Support live channels arrangement and package
6:Support EPG publish with one button
7: Published EPG with STB+TV、PC、APP multiple clients in synchronization

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