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ABR Multilink HDMI SDI 3 SIM Card 4G Bond 5G WIFI Bonding 4K Encoder with Bond Router For Server

Item No.: YDS-T25P
Input:1*HDMI and 2*SDI
Video Encoding:H.264/MPEG4,H.265/Hevc
Adaptive bitrate: Yes,Support


  1. H.265/264 coding, multi link aggregation technology integrates all network links into a high bandwidth channel, transmitting high quality video signals.

  2. The forward error correction and dynamic rate adjustment technology ensure smooth and stable for picture transmission.

  3. Supporting multiple network access: 3G/4G, WIFI, LAN

  4. Built in 2 pcs 4G and 1*5G modules,simple touch screen user interface

  5. Support multiple resolutions: 1920*1080, 1280*720, 720*576 and 720*480.

  6. According to the actual network situation, we can transform the resolution and frame rate.

  7. It can support universal HDMI video interface and professional SDI video interface.

  8. Supporting independent audio input

  9. The compact body weighs only 1100 grams, Built-in battery lasts 2 hours, easy to carry

  10. It can replace external batteries without affecting business to meet long time outdoor work needs.


Network Supported

3 x Built-in module, Support mode: TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, WCDMA
2 x USB interface external module, Support mode: TDD-LTE、FDD-LTE、WCDMA
2 x Ethernet 10M/100M: Local network port


Video: Input port: HDMI or SDI  ,Input format: PAL/NTSC
Audio: One stereo: HDMI/SDI, LINE IN


Video:Encoder standards: H.264/HEVC
A / D accuracy: 8bit
Supported resolutions: 720*480,     720*576,1280*720,1920*1080
Bit rate:0.5~12Mbps
Audio:    Encoding standards:AAC
Sampling bit rate:48KHz
Encoding rate:128Kbit/s, Two-channel

System Latency



Touch Screen Control, remote control from server

Physical Specifications

Size: 36x97x155 mm  ,Weight::0.6Kg
Power supply:Internal Battery: 2hours
External Power source: DC9 16V/2A
Power dissipation: 15W

Working environment

Operating Temperature: -10~30℃
Operating Humidity: 5%~90%(noncondensable)
Stock Temperature:-20℃~60℃;
Stock Humidity:0%~95%(noncondensable)