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8 Channels Hdmi Hd Encoder Iptv Streaming HDMI Encoder H.264 For DVB-C Modulator

Item No.: YNS2208N
Video Encoding: H.264/Mpeg4
Output : RJ45*1 Ethernet
Warranty:5 Years Warranty,Free Lifetime Technique Support
Customization:Provide Logo Print,Function,Language,Firmware etc

In a fast changing and highly competitive TV market, operators and TV service providers must deliver access to content on all screens, anytime, anywhere, while also reducing complexity and driving efficiency across all platforms. 
Kunuomagic multiscreen multiprotocol series IPTV Encoder are designed to address the increasing demand for video delivery to Internet and mobile devices. YNS-2208N H.264/Mpeg4 IPTV Streaming Encoder(8*HDMI IN) supports audio and video collection by HDMI input. For HDMI input, each channel of HDMI input supports output 4 group IP streams with 4 different resolutions(one higher resolution, the other one lower resolution) for adaptive bitrate, each group of IP streams support two kinds of IP protocols output option . The Encoder can deliver H.264/Mpeg4 encoding video streams by 16 channels independent IP output to various servers for IPTV & OTT application, such as Adobe Flash Server, Wowza Media Server, Windows Media Server and some other servers based on SRT/UDP/RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/ONVIF protocols. YNS-2208N is suitable for professional broadcast level IPTV&OTT system construction, hospitality IPTV application, Remote HD multi-window video conference, Remote HD education and Remote HD medical treatment etc.

  1. Video Input: 8*HDMI(HDCP)

  2. Bitrate mode: CBR/VBR16Kbit/s~12Mbit/s

  3. Support streaming resolution settings up to 720P, 1080P HD video input

  4. GOP frame rate settings supported

  5. Insertable of logo and Scroll Caption; Adjustable of audio gain;

  6. Capable of image parameter settings

  7. Video Output: Multiple output streams per input service to support Broadcast, VOD, IPTV and OTT, Mobile/ web, Set top box applications

  8. Switchable of audio output mode: Left, right and Stereo

  9. Configurable of Multi-rate, Multi-resolution, Multi-protocol

  10. Providing SRT/RTSP/HTTP/UDP or RTMP/HLS/M3U8 protocol

  11. Support ONVIF Network Video Protocol

  12. Support multiple equipments display at the same time on a computer

  13. System supports WINDOWS XP/VISTA/SERVER2003/SERVER2008/WIN7 32 and WIN7 64, LINUX

  14. Web-based management

  15. Full-duplex mode 1000M


  1. Digital TV Broadcasting System

  2. Digital TV Programs Transmission

  3. Hotel TV System

  4. Head-end system of Digital TV branch network

  5. CATV Broadcasting system

  6. Edge side of Digital TV backbone network

  7. IPTV and OTT headend system



100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 60W max. 30W Typical IEC 60320-C14


Dual internal cooling fans with Front inlet and Sides exhaust

Fan dB level

<20db Super Quiet Operation under normal conditions


+32 F° to +115 F° (0 C° to +46 C°) / 10% to 80% non-condensing


55,000 hours


5 Years Warranty


24/7 Operation Time



Remote Control

Via PC

Simple Setup

Simple configuration via Login-Protected Web Interface


Licensed HDMI inputs compatible to any HDMI Video source


Multiple units can be used on the same network for more channels, by simply configuring different IP Addresses per each machine




8 port of Licensed HDMI input - compatible to any HDMI Video Source up to Full HD 1080p resolution


Compatible to any HDMI source including HDMI2.0 ( Max input resolutions 1080p 60 )

EDID Control

Advanced EDID Auto control compatible with any HDMI Video source

Video Resolutions

480i / 480p / 576i / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p ( AUTO EDID  or Selectable SCALER per channel )
Sub Resolutions and PC Resolutions are also supported on both HDMI Inputs and the Target Encoding

Frames Ratio

1 to 60 FPS selectable stream by stream

Aspect Ratios

16:9 / 4:3 / Film mode detection (3:2 pull-down)




Any HDMI Embedded Digital Audio





Encoder Video Profile

- Selectable per each HDMI per each of the 4 Multi-rate sub stream 
- MPEG4 H.264/H.265 base profile / main profile / high profile - any level

Encoding Mode

Interlace & Progressive encoding support

Video Processing

Extensive video pre-processing help get the best picture whatever the source

Video Processing

Extensive video pre-processing including Noise reduction and Resolution changing

Traffic Shaping

Selectable Triple Motion Estimation Look-Ahead Statistical Variable Bitrate or Constant Bitrate

Video Encoding Data Rates

VBR Variable, 64Kbps 15Mbps per channel

Color Profile

4:2:0 Broadcast Grade Sampling

GOP Size





1 x stereo audio channel processing

Audio Formats

- Dolby Digital(AC-3) - Encoding rates from 56 kbps to 640 kbps
- MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Encoding Standard Encoding rates from 32 kbps to 384 kbps 
- AAC Advanced Audio Coding
- MP3 Audio Encoding



PIDs Numbering

Full Control to match any specific Network Provider or application Needs


Full Control to set Programs Names / Network / Provider




In-Band Ip web remote control via secure login




Compatible with any Automation, set channels numbers and names, auto-detects formats & resolutions changes on the fly.
Then Usually the Automation controls the sources and the destination TVs to select the channel to watch as there is no need to change the encoder settings at any time. Easy To Install, Simple to Operate, Reliable, Cost-Effective, Real-Time with no maintenance required.